Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Wow, how time flies. I remember blogging about how time flies every time I started a new post.
2011 had been good! On the 19th Nov 2011, something happy happened to me. Only some people know, but it is definitely a good thing.
On the 26th Dec 2011, we bought a 3years old car from 2nd hand dealer. We celebrated both my mother & mother-in-law's birthday on the 26th as well. Yes, their birthday fall on the same day!

Hubby held a surprise birthday party for me on the 24th Dec. He booked a suite at Waterfront Hotel & invited my close friends. Thank you lovelies. =)

Had steamboat bbq with close friends over at hubby's house on 31st Dec. Away from the crowd, we had drinks & food & games for countdown. Such a warm feeling.

Will be going USA, Maldives & Korea for holidays this year. Can't wait to have a breakaway now!

Our lovenest is coming! Finally I can say is next year rather than 2years 2years! 2013 please come fast! We had been looking up interior design & furniture & shopping around almost every week.
I feel like a 幸福小女人 <3

Shall blog soon again. =)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Down with fever and cough. Late nights are giving me nightmare, but I still enjoyed the nights with my lovelies =)

Zouk for the past 2 weeks spell F-U-N!
Been a long time since I last club with my hubby. Married life can't get any better. Who says married woman can't club. HAHA!

On a lighter note, I'm counting down everyday for our house to arrive. So excited~~

MBS for tonight. Hope I win some money! =)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Suddenly, I miss a gf of mine.. or should I say "past" gf of mine until I realised she deleted me away from her facebook. Wow, I didn't realized that this kind of deleting from one another is the IN thing now. I don't blame her, but I supposed the friendship isn't that strong since it resulted in such ending.
We used to hang out almost everyday when I'm schooling, playing mahjong. When I started working, we hang out at KTV pub with my ex-colleagues and we could gossip everything under the sun. Maybe not everything, but I think could be anything I guess?

Perhaps, if I could put myself in her shoes at that point of time, we could have been talking to each other right now. Or if she could put herself in my shoes...
How I wish humans could have been more understanding to one another & conflicts wouldn't have happen.

On a lighter note, hubby & I had been driving around our new house couple of times in a week. We are the excited first-timers. HAHA Can't wait, can't wait!

I have so much friends to catch up with but 24hours a day is not enough for me.
Till then~

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Been a long time since I had last posted. Alot of things happen in between, friends come & go.

On a lighter note, I'm an official proud owner of my new house! Hubby and I applied for the EC in Pasir Ris, and yes we got it. =)
Had to fork out 32K cash upfront but everything is worth it. The tough part is the waiting time till TOP. TOP 15 Oct 2014 or earlier. Hopefully by Q4 2013.

Below is one of the photo (artist's impression) of the EC we bought. (Took from my agent's website)

One step towards our future again. We have come this far and everything is worth it =)

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

So much things to say and on my mind..

I lost Xiaoheng. It was a torturing nightmare for hubby and I. I'm still trying hard to come into terms with it. Hubby had been very supportive and being with me all these while. I know he is upset but he is trying hard to put on a strong front infront of me so I won't feel upset anymore. Everything happens for a reason, the next one will definitely be better.
Both mother & mother-in-law had been taking care of me very well.

Perhaps this will be a good time for hubby and I to relax and plan for our next baby. We had decided to hold on for a year and try for July Dragon baby. No more rabbit baby =(
This could be good as well as this gives us more time to find our suitable house and also planning our finances.
Hubby has been really sweet. He suggested bringing me to Japan or New Zealand later half of the year but I guess, I'm really in no mood to travel.

I'm on mini confinement now and hubby is flying off to London for work on the 12th till 27th Feb. That sucks to the max... 2 weeks without him.
I had already booked my London ticket to go find him on the 17th to 22nd but due to my confinement, I will need to cancel this trip. Now, I'm waiting for Qatar to come back to me if they can change my date to next year or refund me the money. Sigh, I hate it. I really need a break now.

These few days at home are really bored. How to survive 14days hospitalized leave at home?!

Gon upload my honeymoon photos to Facebook now.. that's the only thing I can do now while waiting for hubby to come home from work.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Been out of this space for sometime... So much things to update but doesn't know where to start with.

19th Dec-1st Jan 2011:
Europe Honeymoon - Spend Xmas day at Switzerland and Germany. Nice white Xmas I had. Memorable holidays with hubby.
Spend my 21st at Paris shopping and hubby got me a Prada bag for my birthday! Not only that, he surprised me with a Gucci wallet and a Swarovski pendant as well. Felt so much love from him.
But that day ended quite early cause I wasn't feeling well with the cold weather and strong winds blowing on me. XiaoHeng had been very very obedient in my womb as he/she did not give me any trouble while we were travelling except for some puking and headache. Other than that, everything is perfect.
Halfway through the holidays, I miss home and wanted so badly to buy a flight back to Singapore because I couldn't tolerate the cold weather anymore. I was freezing and I had cold rashes. Sigh, hubby had to take care of me and at sometimes, he had to go down to take photos of the sightseeing himself while I stayed in the coach.

I know I had been missing out updates on Xiaoheng in this space. Well, Xiaoheng came as a double happiness right after our wedding. Everyone is overjoyed and looking very forward to him/she coming to this earth. I'm not sure about the gender yet but I had a feeling it will be a girl (everyone tells me is a boy). I don't really care as long as he/she comes to earth safe and sound. =)

Hubby and I had been preparing for the arrival of our first baby! We had been reading up books, internet articles and downloading Iphone applications to see what to expect during pregnancy and arrival. Woohoo, can't wait can't wait!

Till then.. =)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I miss all my friends.

Ping asked me for mahjong last weekend but I couldn't make it.... arrggg. I miss her so much.

Coffee soon, anyone?